Monday, August 14, 2006

Corporate Monday

Just got off work a little before 11 p.m. following an almost 14-hour day. Took a cab home (my first New York cab ride). Thankfully I can expense the company for late-night cabfare resulting from late-night work. Today was a bad day, but more about that later ... I have to start getting ready for another long run in about six hours. The Internet ad sales event, with which I have been assisting since I began work just last Friday, is tomorrow night. It is being hosted on the rooftop deck of the company's signature office overlooking the Hudson River. How fabulous is that?

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Anonymous said...

My first blog, I am so "ancient", as you would say (but know I ca tell people "K was my first blog", how awesome). Did the cabbie have one of those gold crown air fresheners in the cab? Did the temp job come with a complimentary orange jump suit? I enjoyed reading your stuff. You are so, like, "cosmo" now. Things here as crazy, Greg said "adios" Wednesday, and left right after saying it. Brookster is pregnata, found out yesterday, I told her "your life is now over", but in a nice way. The boss is just trying to get bodies in here at this point, she seems a tad over-whelmed. Me, still waiting for hell to freeze over. In the mean time, looking forward to Wheel Of Fortune at 7 pm. Peace out.........Mark the Shark