Thursday, August 10, 2006

Working 9 to 5 ... well, 6

I visited another staffing agency today (per Eileen's experienced suggestion), and they hooked me up with a temporary assignment at THE leading provider of "how-to" information! It's an assistant, do-whatever-the-hell-they-tell-me-to-do position, but I have an opportunity to work with a huge New York City-based company for a month and a half. The assignment runs through the end of September. Nothing permanent or prestigious, but it's definitely not bad after just one week in NYC and for someone who pictured herself working in the Gap for the first couple of months (NOT that retail sales with the Gap is any way an ignonimious line of work, but just in comparison to this opportunity). The pay is decent - a little more per hour than what I made at the university, but by no means lavish by New York standards. I am just really excited about the assignment and am looking forward to the next few weeks of work. I start tomorrow.

The box fan that my former coworker Fairley mailed from North Carolina arrived this afternoon. So did the rain. The air feels fresher.

Side thought of the day: I really like peeking into Yankee Stadium as the 4 passes by the gap in the wall at the 161st Street/Yankee Stadium stop.

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Senorito<- Ako said...

good to hear that you found temporary work.