Friday, April 04, 2008

Quote of Whenever - The Most Annoying New Yorker

Just when I was thinking about how I'm still a wannabe New Yorker, even though I have a Manhattan address, pay outrageous city taxes, and sport a New York State Driver License, British photographer Nigel Barker hit the nail right on the head in "Six Seconds with Nigel Barker" from a recent edition of Page Six Magazine (a New York Post gossip publication that I don't normally care to read, but was in the seat pocket of the car to Gotham Bar & Grill).

The question: Who do you think is the most annoying New Yorker?

His answer: The kind of New Yorker that irritates me the most is the wannabe - people who say they are from New York and it turns out they moved here four months ago from Ohio.

As a military brat, I've never felt comfortable saying I'm from anywhere. My standard answer to the question that many military brats hesitate to answer is: Everywhere and no where.

I'll never be from New York. But I live here now. And of everywhere I have ever lived, there is no where that makes me feel like this city.

But why does everyone always reference Ohio?

Not a quote of the day, week or month. Just of whenever. Until the next quote that moves me.


Anonymous said...

ouch...too bad i'll be one of those new yorkers from Ohio.

KJS said...

Many New Yorkers aren't from New York. I think it's trite and contrived to try to deny where you're from anyway. But regardless of your origin, you can still love it here just as much. Especially if you're from Ohio. ;)

Because you weren't afraid of what you want, of change, of living this New York life - the good, the bad and the ugly. Because there will be a lot of all three.

kyle the girl said...

Haha! That's me!

Well sort of...I always tell people I'm from Ohio, so I guess I'm okay. (:


I agree with Nigel's response. I think it's so true, but on the flipside, I hate telling people that I'm from NY...the sad thing is.... I'm from NY (HA!).

The reason why I hate telling people [people that are not from NY, obviously] that I'm from NY is because it's so stereotyped and people tend to ask some of the most absurd questions....which annoy the hell out of me.

"WoW!! you're from Brooklyn, do a lot of people get shot there?"

"Is it true that if I go to NY, someone will rob me?"
.......I mean, come on...what are ya nuts?

And lastly....
The one that REALLY burns me up the MOST is: "Why are NY'ers so mean?"...No one is mean intentionally, people just don't have time for BS. Time is money and wasting time is a great way to have an unwelcoming visit to NY. unwelcoming a word???

....just my two cents ;)

Good day!

JanelleGrace said...

I agree. I moved around a lot, and I am still moving around, so I don't feel like I am "from" anywhere. So when people ask that question, I usually just say the last place I've lived.

But to be fair, New York is the place I have lived longest (besides when I was a little kid) and the place that has had the most effect on who I am and the person I am.

So, as of right now, I am "from" New York. Sometime later, I may be "from" some place else.

KJS said...

miss adventurous & janellegrace,
I think you're ok since your occupancy is longer than 4 months! :)