Friday, April 04, 2008

New York City's Definition of "Bar & Grill"

In North Carolina, when you see the words Bar & Grill, you might correlate the words "neighborhood steak house" and assume that there will be buckets of boiled peanuts on the tables and shells on the floor.

In New York, a bar and grill is more likely to look like this and dinner for two costs over half a grand. Ridiculous but oh, so delicious is this taste of the good life. And it's even more appreciated because it's not mine, but a sample of someone else's.

Last night, I went to Gotham Bar & Grill with a friend for a dinner I could never afford because I'm not an investment banker like him - or that maybe I could afford once in a blue moon if I wasn't paying a quarter of my salary before taxes to my landlord (or almost half my monthly cash flow after federal, state and city taxes devour my paycheck).

Below is the account of my evening in camera-phone-photo essay form.

The night began with Poland Springs water in the car that my friend sent to pick me up from work (because finding a vacant cab in midtown between 5 and 9pm is maddening).

My signature drink (Kettle One and Soda) at the bar.

Studying the amazing three-course menu, which we enjoyed with a bottle of an Australian red wine.

Forgot to take a picture of my first course, which was the Black Bass Ceviche, but here is my second course, the Seafood Salad.

My third course, Juniper Spiced Muscovy Duck Breast.

Our desserts paired with sweet dessert wines.

And Sebastian Bach and his gorgeous wife at the next table (we pretended to be reading a hilarious text message on my phone while tackily snapping a celebrity photo).


Anonymous said...

investment bankers taking you out to dinner girl? was he cute? lol jk you sooo lucky! and you got to see a celebrity there!! i hate (am jealous of) you!!! he even sent a car to pick you up??? was this a date? do you like him?? more details!!! LOL jk love the blog

KJS said...

Just a friend.

Anonymous said... have some awesomely generous friends