Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out Sick

New York City is a miserable place to be sick (e.g. subway cars and station platforms to and from doctor's appointments). Dealing with the MTA is a raw way to size up reality after the doctor gives you bad news. At least I didn't end up being that sick passenger, whose health condition gets announced to the entire subway line when delaying train traffic.

Why didn't I just take a cab? Oh, that's right. I gave my cab money to my landlord last week.


emily said...

I know! Being sick in this town sucks. Everything is hard enough as it is; when you feel bad, it's just miserable. I sympathize, as someone currently feeling really sorry for myself and my cold.
Hope you feel better!

K said...

Aww, feel better! I have a serious knack for getting sick when the weather is beautiful - why can't we get sick when the weather is disgusting and we're dying for an excuse to curl up on the couch all day?

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll feel better soon!