Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Things I Love" Thursdays - WeeWorld

My boss is obsessed with the AIM WeeMee. Yes, the 40-year old Senior Vice President. Her WeeMee dances in a disco. So is our Director of Advertising Operations. His WeeMee is underwater and when he types "shark," a shark swims up and bites off his head. Our Digital Brand Manager's WeeMee has on a sunhat and is holding a chocolate bar, a red bag and a "Hillary" sign. The WeeMee of our Digital Advertising Director in Chicago is naked with three little leaves in all the right places, wearing a gold dollar-sign chain and carrying a pina colada and a sword. Mine is in outer space, wearing a basketball jersey (#23 for Terrence) and holding a "Vote for Colbert 2008" sign and carrying an "I am not a Plastic Bag" grocery bag. All the things I love in the WeeWorld. If I type "alien," an alien tears out of her little tummy, she shrieks and then dies for a second.

I [re-]designed it yesterday after weeks of my boss telling me that I needed to update my WeeMee, who was decked out in (RED) gear and standing on a city block next to a fire hydrant. "Update that shit!" she would say whenever she walked by my desk. You have to picture a sophisticated corporate New York woman, who favors Melanie Griffith and whose voice even sounds just like Griffith's in Working Girl (but not the same hairstyle; thank God).

On the way to our division's informal cocktail hour event the other evening, we were walking along 42nd Street to catch the D train down to the East Village, and my boss was discussing the complexities of creating a Wee Mee: "There are just so many options for tops and pants and dresses. And your legs are so short, you just can't tell how shit's going to look." I love working in corporate advertising.

Yesterday, on IM with Terrence, I encouraged him to make his own WeeMee. He's a 6'9" professional basketball player overseas; he didn't really seem interested. Today, I IMed him the link and told him to just check it out.

In between processing expense reports at my desk in Midtown Manhattan - and him sitting in his living room on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the following conversations ensued:

Me (11:29:38 AM): are you making a WeeMee?
Him (11:30:08 AM): yeah, its hard finding a hair type like mine
Me (11:30:40 AM): LOL
Him (11:40:43 AM): and they dont have black hair so its gotta be brown
Me (11:30:43 AM): you can just put a hat on
Him (11:30:49 AM): i will
Him (11:35:59 AM): i aint gonna lie, this shit is kinda fun
Me (11:37:12 AM): it totally is

Him (11:49:32 AM): im thinkin about puttin mine in the gorilla body suit
Him (11:49:36 AM): should i?
Me (11:49:45 AM): yes
Him (11:54:33 AM): great
Him (11:57:01 AM): microphone or a gold chain?
Him (11:57:08 AM): i really like the gold chain
Me (11:57:12 AM): gold chain

Him (12:35:14 PM): im making a room for my weemee
Him (12:35:22 PM): sad
Me (12:39:15 PM): LOL
Him(12:39:40 PM): did u make a room for yours?
Me (12:40:05 PM): yes
Me (12:40:09 PM): ahem
Him (12:40:30 PM): LOL
Him (12:40:41 PM): LMAO
Him (12:41:35 PM): oh god that was funny
Me (12:42:24 PM): really?
Me (12:42:28 PM): that funny, huh?
Him (12:42:32 PM): yes
Him (12:42:41 PM): we are a bunch of big kids
Him (12:43:33 PM): nah, it was so funny cuz i remember seeing it yesterday and being like, yea yea, whatever
Him (12:43:34 PM): lol
Him (12:43:51 PM): then you sent me the link and i was like....ok ok, i'll take a look at it
Him (12:44:25 PM): 30 minutes later this lil dude has his own environment n shit, fitted up in the flyest gear and im wanting to do more
Him (12:44:46 PM): dont knock it til you try it
Him (12:44:50 PM): prime example

"Things I Love" Thursdays are inspired by "I Love New York" (BNY, February 14, 2007).


JanelleGrace said...

Cool. I don't have an aol name thing though and I am too lazy to make one. So no "weemees" for me.

Todd said...

I made my WeeMee, posted it on my site, and then completely forgot about it. Oops.

KJS said...

Get on the wagon!

Remember when you told me to look for your avatar upon arrival at the first NYC Bloggers' Happy Hour event I ever attended? And that is exactly how I spotted you in the see of drunken faces. :)

Senorito<- Ako said...

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Your boyfriend, bein a pro athlete, might benefit from training with him. He only trains pro and olympic athletes.

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X!ne said...

Yeah, I was all into checking out the weemee thing but now see it's AOL. Does AOL still exist? Actually someone recently contacted me about getting together, but the combination of her email being "Crazicar..." (which is only just one step above it being "krazikar...") and it being "" sort of turned me off.

Sounds fun though.