Thursday, April 10, 2008

73° F Feels like 73° F

To quote for the 10036.

It’s amazing how quiet the office is when it’s nice outside. But today is just a teaser. The weekend forecast is in the low 50s with thunderstorms.

Phone photo ops from lunch in Bryant Park
There was a photographer standing along the railing just behind the man in the baseball cap. He was taking a photo of this gentlemen reading in the park. I tried to capture both of them, but couldn't find my phone before the photographer moved onto his next subject.

Spring arrives in Midtown

Every text I have received from nightclub/lounge promoters has mentioned the weather to lure the girls out (e.g. "DJ [so-and-so] at [insert "Tenjune", "Home", "Prime", "Kush", "Pink Elephant" etc.] tonight. Say [promoter's name or random password] at the door. [Come have fun and praise the springtime] or [Spring is in the air, come raise a glass] or [It's beautiful outside so join me at ...] or [Did u enjoy the beautiful weather 2day? don't forget 2nite I'll be at ...] or [Spring bling]").


Todd said...

If I had to name one person that I know who'd get invitation texts from clubs, it'd be you. On the otherhand, I get asked to leave bars.

I'm sure both are well deserved :)

KJS said...

Me and your hot wife.