Saturday, July 28, 2007

New tag: Search-Term Saturdays

Thanks to the technology of, I can see the terms used in search engines that lead people to my blog, whether their search leads them to me intentionally or unintentionally. And sometimes their search terms lead me to other cool blogs.

Upon closer inspection of the search results for "new yorker blog" by someone in New York on July 24, I found Mimi in New York, which I loved immediately for its description alone:

"40 countries, 12 boats, 37 flights, 46 assholes and over a year later... Writing for The Village Voice, avoiding Bill O'Reilly and campaigning for immigrants whilst musing on anal sex and pissing off the religious right."

But my favorite this week was this googled phrase: "act like a native new yorker why do new yorkers say do that," which not only provoked the idea for Search-Term Saturdays (where I will post the funniest search term that leads some cyber-wondering soul to my blog each week), but also led me to Ask a New Yorker:
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