Friday, July 27, 2007

Currently Taking Bets On How Long It'll Take Me to Get to JFK on the E

Waiting for the super to come by and fix the plumbing in my bathroom before I go to work. I won't be back to the apartment, and I don't want the toilet to continue running over the weekend. My bags are packed, and I'll be headed directly to JFK to catch a flight to North Carolina this afternoon. My brother is home from Shanghai for a few weeks so I'm spending a few days with the family and maybe catching up with some high school friends.

Terrence is wrapping up the week working Kev's basketball camp in Sac. And next weekend, he'll be flying from California to New York to hang out with me in the city before we go to Raleigh, North Carolina, for the following week. My best friend is getting married on August 10, and one of my duties as bridesmaid is to run around and get all her busy work and errands accomplished so she can try to be as relaxed as possible. Her week will already be hectic enough because she has to fly back up to New York for a day on the 8th to film another episode of Guiding Light. Yes, she is returning for a third time as the sexy police officer.

But before we head South together, Karoke is planned for next Friday night with one of my coworkers and her boyfriend. Some good camera phone pics should come from that.


emily said...

The E takes forever! LIRR express from Penn to Jamaica Station is less than 20 minutes, and it's $5!

KJS said...

Thanks, Emily! I wish I had seen your comment before I left midtown yesterday ... I'll definitely remember that for future reference ... although I doubt I'll be flying JetBlue EVER again so I'll usually be flying from LaGuardia ... ;/