Sunday, July 08, 2007

Greensboro, Atlanta and Not Quite Back

I didn't expect to be in Atlanta today. Yet here I am ... I'll explain later ... hopefully from New York.


Todd said...

You didn't miss much. The rain sucked and the fireworks were nothing special.

Did we drink together yet?

KJS said...

It would be way more fun to say yes, and let you think that we've met and have partaken in libations together.

But no, I have not joined you and your drinking buddies, but I love being listed as one. I feel like it gives me an elevated blogger status.

Todd said...

"Libations" is right up there with "potent potables". See, it's those triple-word-scores that keep you in the blogging buddy rankings. One day we will speak of these comments over liquor and all we be well.