Thursday, July 26, 2007

Super Bad Brad

The showbiz extravaganzas taking place near my apartment as described by today's Very Short List email, a free daily email to which I subscribed after learning that our CEO subscribes to it:

A lot of times, street performers can seem like the cultural squeegee men of the big city: as much a nuisance as an appreciated service. But if there is one talent who can redeem the art of busking, we’ll cast our vote for Super Bad Brad. A grungy-looking, 40-something white guy, Brad sings soul and R&B classics on the streets of New York, accompanied only by his boom box and a microphone. And his voice is authentically amazing.

Recently, Brad got a shot at the big time, appearing on Showtime at the Apollo to belt out the Marvin Gaye classic "Let’s Get It On." Once Brad opened his mouth, the understandably skeptical crowd went wild. In fact, his performance was so theatrically over-the-top that Internet message boards theorized Brad was in fact Bruce Willis. But Super Bad Brad is the real deal. Whatever "soul" means, this dude’s got it.


Dina said...

wow, that was soo cool. look CAN be deceiving

SeanNY said...

Do you work at Vogue???