Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Over Yourself

From another New York City blogger:
How to Get Over Restless Life Syndrome

When I experienced my quarter life crisis, I meticulously packed up my North Carolina life over the course of a year and exchanged it on a hot August day for a new one in New York City.

The jury is still out on whether or not this was my personal cure-all. Unfortunately, it won't likely be it. New York City can't solve all my problems. In fact, for many, it creates more than it resolves.

However, there is no place I'd rather "revel in them" than in the streets of Manhattan.

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I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

I love that post b/c that is totally what I'm going through (and have been for 2 years)--time to do something about it!

tiffany said...

Could not have said it better has it's moments of shear, utter repulsiveness, but I would not trade the experiences I've had and will have for anything in the world. Even thought i'm not there it, new york will be a major part of who I fully turn out to be as a person.

Dina said...

I was you ever MISS N.C. to the thought of going back??? or once your in NYC you could NEVER GO BACK!?! When I first moved to Hawaii I missed California ( crazy at that sounds!) HOME is ALWAYS HOME!

KJS said...

I miss my family and friends in NC, but I do not miss North Carolina enough to move back. I will always have a home where my family is, but I'm building a life here - just like you built one and an entire family(!) in Hawaii.


Living Almost Large said...

Do the city thing when you are young. I'm ready to give up my 20s and get to my 30s. I am so done with cities. I miss my small town roots and suburbia. So does my DH. But I've had almost half my life in big cities, nuff!

But the journey was fun.