Saturday, September 06, 2008


Natasha and I hosted a party last night to warm our apartment with the bodies of our friends to celebrate the miracle of leasing an affordable apartment in Midtown. Clothing was optional, alcohol was mandatory, and a password was required upon buzzing our apartment to gain entry into the building.

Recipients of our evite were given the following instructions:

Password Upon Buzzing Apt [number eradicated]:
"I Like My Muffin Buttered"

[Address eradicated] is located between 8th and 9th Avenues on the south side of the street.
By Subway: C,E to 50th St; 1 to 50th St; N,R,W to 49th St; B,D,F,V to 47-50th Sts.
By Bus: M50, M11, M10, M20, M104, M27 to 50th St (but we're not really sure so you should take the train).
By Taxi: Tell the driver [cross streets eradicated].
By Foot: Walk to [cross streets eradicated].
From New Jersey: No idea. And who really cares anyway.
By Watertaxi: Means you're probably coming from Jersey. See above.
From Newark: You're not getting out of Newark alive and you know it.

The highlight of the night was making a Flip Cup table out of our ironing board and a panel of birch that we hope to eventually have made into a built-in bar between our kitchen and living room. It was like college all over again except with 30 or so twenty-something New York professionals crammed into a Manhattan box.

Times haven't changed much between college and "the real world" - or maybe they've changed a lot - when Flip Cup and Beer Pong are acceptable staples of entertaining at home or in any other venue, including our company's national sales conference, where our own EVP of media sales proved to be quite a Beer Pong cheerleader.

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Todd said...

It was that "clothing was optional" line that really made me kick myself for missing this party.

And by "really", I mean "REALLY." :)