Tuesday, September 02, 2008

44th Street Detour

Natasha and I walked to work together this morning for the first time. She recently scored an executive assistant job with a financial investment group a few blocks from my office and will be making as much as I do as an executive assistant in advertising. Not too bad for a girl three months fresh out of Idaho.

She and I have had amazing - and unconventional - luck ... from our jobs to our new Midtown apartment. Although she interviewed for two separate positions within the media company for which I work and was not called back, she has now begun a fairly remarkable road to success in New York City. Not to mention that separately she has had amazing luck racking up quite a few celebrity admirers.

We walked down Eighth Avenue with celebratory Starbucks in hand, and at 44th Street, I said, "Hey, let's cross town here so we can get a peek at Chris Cuomo's fine self." [my celebrity crush]

"Sure," she replied and then reminded me: "Except he's in Louisiana right now." [He's covering the aftermath of Hurricane Gustov ... which we would know since we're tuned into GMA when we return from the gym each morning]

"Damnit!" I exclaimed, "I hate it when he goes on assignment without calling me!"

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