Monday, September 08, 2008

As Time Goes By

Tonight Natasha, Ra and I joined Mayra at her house in Queens for dinner a la Melvin, her successful chef boyfriend, who cooked up a feast and then left it on the stove for us while he went out with his boys. Mayra and Melvin have the best couch in the world. I have been looking for one just like it my whole life. I was sad to leave its lush cushions and comfy pillows, but Melvin was good enough to drive the girls back to our homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan since we had consumed several bottles of wine between the three of us by the time he returned. Mayra and her pregnant belly had sipped cranberry juice in envy as we downed glass after glass.

As we rode over the Queensboro Bridge, we happened to notice two pillars of light beaming from downtown and were reminded that 9/11 was again upon all of us. Seven years ... I can hardly believe it.

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