Saturday, August 30, 2008

Search-Term Saturday: "Some Pig" - Charlotte A. Cavatica

Someone in Arlington, Virginia, googled "twin blondes new york yankees behind home plate" on Wednesday and found my blog because the keywords probably found this post.

Those must have been some blondes.

Funny that no one googled "gorgeous, half-Filipina brunette behind home plate" the day after I attended the Yankee's game with Natasha, Iris and Former SNL Actor.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, how do I get invitation to Fashion Week? In general, if a person is not a VIP, on the list, or with a VIP, or a journalist, editor, etc., how do people get the "invitation only" ticket to Fashion Week? Do you know? I am curious. I am a blogger, connector that like to network. Also, I am studying advertising and marketing, and PR, so it's natural that I like to go to such show.

Anonymous said...

Some guy (or woman) was walking around dressed up as an Oreo cookie costume outside of the Fashion Week tents at Bryant Park today. Wonder if you caught that irony?