Monday, August 04, 2008

Black Monday

We had more lay-offs as a result of further corporate restructuring at work today. I know there is always a better and more streamlined way of doing something, especially when the dollar is the bottom line, but it is even scarier to experience a restructure in the current state of our economy. It's also nerve-wrecking to remember that executive and administrative assistance is a luxury and not a necessity so I'm not exactly safeguarded from cutbacks. Eight employees alone were impacted in our department. However, the saddest by far was the termination of two mailroom employees that the executive assistants particularly liked because of their good humor and strong work ethic; one has a baby due in two weeks.

I should stop blogging on my lunch hour at work and look for more ways to make myself indispensable.

Zombie Fights Shark is always a good way to brighten any day, unless your employment was unexpectedly discontinued. That's a pretty dull day. Here's a particular funny read about reading the Bible on the subway and the way an apartment smells when the girlfriend has been away too long.

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oh wow!

The economy is no joke right now!

Um yeah...great idea! keep working very hard!

We had two housekeepers get terminated very very randomly for no reason. Terminated because they were not needed anymore? How is that a reason? I couldn't understand it. Those two dominican ladies where the ish and I will truly miss the both of them.

what is the world coming to?