Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Movie Magic

Watching movies on the lawn in Bryant Park on Monday nights in the summer is like going to a show on Broadway. The audience applauds when the opening credits begin to roll; they cheer when the main characters first appear; there is a standing ovation at the end. From Casablanca last summer to Superman last night, it's the same magical experience, sitting on blankets under the twinkling lights of sky scrapers and stars in one of the city's many green oases.

Armed with wine, food and games, my girlfriends and I enjoyed a lazy evening in Midtown. If a picture says a thousand words, here are 1001.

Moviegoers wait anxiously for the 5pm stampede onto the lawn to claim the space where they will eat, drink, read, play cards and board games, chat and laugh until sunset.

We were lucky enough to score a spot behind this.

It's no wonder so many New Yorkers report finding love in Bryant Park.

Waiting for dusk.

This guy really could not wait.

And then it began.

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Dina said...

hmmm, I wanna be there :(

Katie said...

We have the same thing in DC... pretty cool.