Monday, August 18, 2008

I Do So Like Green Eggs and Ham!

I have seen New York City from a taxicab, a pedicab, a double-decker bus, on horseback, and now from the back seat of a drop-top Bentley. Former SNL Actor picked up my roommate and me in "one of his cars" from the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival, where we watched the last movie of the summer, the original Superman starring Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman. As we inched through the traffic jam in Times Square, random people shouted at our driver: "Yo, [eradicated]! ... What's up, [eradicated]! ... Hey, you're a funny dude!"

I inched down low in the back seat so that only my eyes were visible at street level over the side of the car. But it was kind of hard to be incognito with the top down and people peering over you at intersections under the glare of a million Times Square light bulbs. I tried not to put on that annoying, nonchalant I-know-everyone-is-watching-me face that you see on the unknown wives and girlfriends of athletes and entertainers, but it was really hard not to feel self-conscious - especially with the bits of dirt and grass that were probably still in my hair from laying on a blanket in Bryant Park for five hours.

Finally we were on the West Side Highway, the wind in our faces and Manhattan was streaming by on our right, its reflection on the Hudson sparkling on our left. I leaned back in the seat of the coolest car in which this little New York transplant has ever ridden, stretched my arms toward the night sky, and watched the lights of the city flow along like a huge volumetric display.

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Todd said...

Darlin, you really need to start thinking about getting a book deal or this blog. It's awesome stories like this that people (me included) totally eat up!

Dina said...

ME too!!

Can I guess who this mystery man is??? EDDIE MURPHY!

KJS said...

Todd, with all the more interesting and significant blogs out there, somehow I don't think any publishers will be breaking down my doors anytime soon. :)

Dina, that would be incorrect. Please try again. ;)

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

I read LOTS of blogs and yours is certainly one of the most entertaining (even among having already garnered book deals).
I know you can't tell us who this is but I am DYING to know! Jimmy Fallon?

KJS said...

INCB, Ohhhhh ... good one. But no.


K said...

That is badass :)

I'll be back in a few weeks - just laying low for now... explanation at the next blogger get together (which needs to be sooner than later!)

Baking With Plath said...

Hmm, Finesse Mitchell? Not that I would expect for you to admit that even if I was somehow right :)

KJS said...

BWP, I'm not sure who Finesse Mitchell is, but I wish it were him just so I could say I know someone named Finesse.