Saturday, August 16, 2008

And Bice Bersa

Even in death, Filipinos - especially my family - always find a way to laugh. I received the following email from my Tita Marie today:
Hi Everyone,
Connie just arrived and had a good laugh! I am sorry I did not edit the email I sent about Gie's leaving us. I assure everyone I do know how to spell but I do tend not to reread what I wrote. Again, my apologies.

The original email to which she was referring:
To everyone,
Gerald passed away a few minutes ago. I tahnk eberyone for their prayers and am now asking that you pray for peace in heaven for his soul. I write this for his wife, parents and brothrers who I am sure will email you when they van. Again thank you so much.

Poor spelling aside, it is slightly reminiscent of Ron Josol's stand-up:
"We pronounce our f and p - and - v and b backward ... or bice bersa ..."

Of course, I've always said that my geographic location always dictates "what" people think I am. I'm sure most Filipinos can relate, but Ron could have at least credited me with the joke.

A Year Ago Today: No post*
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*These must have been slow blog weeks for me over the past two years.

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Dina said...

that is sooo funny. Here in Hawaii, it is SUCH A MELTING POT, and filipinos are here, and if you go to ANY COMEDY SHOW, they always imitate filipino, samoan, portuaguese (?)....My husband (whose Hawaiian) can speak good filipino!!!