Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Things I Love" Thursdays - NYC Bloggers

I love that there are millions of us experiencing this city in different ways and living to blog about it. But I also love that sometimes a few of us are blogging about the same damn thing at the same damn time. Then again, it is a city of 8.2 million residents living within 322-square miles (all boroughs withstanding) and a large portion of those 8.2 million working within the 22.7-square miles of Manhattan, 5-7 days a week. The odds are in favor of running themes throughout NYC blogs.

MTA (general incompetence)
A Casual Look (Dec. 10)
This is a No. 2 Express Train (Dec. 7)
The long, slow trek from Coney Island to Jamaica brings home a C-minus* (Dec. 5)

MTA (performers)
Subway Hottie* (Dec. 23)
Subway Gymnastics (Dec. 21)

MTA (rush hour)
Please Use All Available Doors ... If You Can Get There Before I Shut 'Em (Jan. 7)
The 1 Train Sucks Lately* (Jan. 7)
Applause on Subway platform (Jan. 3)

Yet Again, 1 Train Makes Me Want to Kill Kittens (Jan. 10)
A Post-Holiday Carol (Jan. 9)
Random Musings (Jan. 9)
Winter Temps Revisiting Retirement (Jan. 9)

Corporate Calories & Gift Exchanges (well, that's everywhere) / Holiday Party Overload (more likely in the city)
Corporate Holiday Spirit (Dec. 22)
Cabs are Nice (Dec. 20)
Don't Count Calories (Dec. 20)
What I Love About New York (Dec. 20)
Karma (Dec. 19)

AYO! I'm Tired of Using Technology
"Happy New Year" is a presumptuous phrase, no?" (Jan. 2)
Ringing in the New Year in Times Square (Jan. 2)
Me Phone Knows Me Too Well ... It Must Be Destroyed (Dec. 26)

Blogger Happy Hour (because some of us decided to be in the same place at the same time ... on purpose)
Blog Business Cards (Dec. 19)
Morning After Blogger Beers & Secret Service Soiree (Dec. 19)
What, your happy hours don't last until 11pm? (Dec. 19)
Things I Regret from Last Night (Dec. 19)

*Granted, these are subway blogs

"Things I Love" Thursdays are inspired by "I Love New York" (BNY, February 14, 2007).


Todd said...

I stopped coming up with original ideas years ago.

Anonymous said...

Todd just likes to copy me :-)

Nicole said...

It never ceases to amaze me when I blog about an article I've read or a weird story, and then I immediately go on to someone else's blog and they've written about it too!