Monday, January 28, 2008

The City of Diverse Moments

Last night, I had dinner with my new Giant friend. He was running some last minute errands in Manhattan before the team was to leave for Phoenix today and wanted to grab a bite to eat.

I chose a small, inconspicuous Mexican restaurant near my apartment to avoid a scene, and as we were finishing up dinner, a police officer approached the table, "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you play football?" [Clearly not directed at me]

My friend's response: "Yes."

"I knew it!" he exclaimed, "You're [name removed]!" And turning to his partner, "I told you it was [name removed]!"

His partner, approaching the table: "I thought it was you, too, but we were like, 'What's [name removed] doing in this little restaurant in Harlem?"

Then there was a lot of handshaking and, "Bring the Super Bowl back to New York," and "It's an honor to meet you," before they walked away talking about how they couldn't believe it.

Then, the restaurant sent over two Tequila shots on the house. So much for avoiding a scene, but I did appreciate the Tequila.

And today, I had my final presentation for the Founder and the CEO at my company. I stood in the executive conference room as my visual aides flashed on a screen, my palms sweated buckets and I somehow found the words I had been practicing for weeks but momentarily thought I had lost. A few hours ago, I learned I would be on national television. A sudden whim of the Founder's.

Only in New York can you dine with someone headed to play in the Super Bowl, present to a celebrity mogul, and learn you'll be on national television - all within 24 hours. Ok ... maybe stuff like this happens in L.A., but never before to people like me and not once in North Carolina. Regardless, no more details regarding the three will appear in this blog!


emily said...

you were GREAT on tv - and I'm wondering what restaurant you chose in the hood!!

KJS said...


And you and I should go eat there together next! It's my favorite [uptown] Mexican spot!