Monday, September 24, 2007

To Aspiring Transplants

Several friends and friends of friends are planning potential relocations to the city, which is exactly what New York needs, more transplants like me, who stake claim to a 350-square foot patch of Manhattan real estate, dub ourselves New Yorkers and feign irritation at anything that the real New Yorkers hate: the Red Sox, slow tourists, bad pizza. As a one-year-and-almost-two-month transplant veteran of the Big Apple, they've reached out to me for advice. So other than generally encouraging everyone to floss regularly to prevent heart disease ... my best advice is to take the advice of those who've done it better ...

For first-time New York City apartment renters:
Renting a New York City Apartment: Financial Requirements (Newbie NYC) and ...
Renting a New York City Apartment: Finding that Elusive NYC Living Space (Newbie NYC) and ...
The Housing Virgins of Manhattan (The New York Times)
- Both of Mary Hilton's blog posts and the August 24, 2006 New York Times article (that my boss left on my keyboard one morning last year when I was still sleeping on an air mattress in my best friend's living room in the Bronx) feature excellent advice for anyone who is battling the fierce NYC real estate market for the first time.
For the latest city attractions: NewYorkology
For any random questions: Ask a New Yorker
For the most up-to-date transit info: SUBWAYblogger
- More accurate and comprehensive than
For reasons to avoid Duane Reade: I Hate Duane Reade
- Even though I shop there regularly so that I can get a whole $5 dollars off my next purchase after 99,999 consecutive purchases ... and when the cashier asks me if I have a club card, I get a special feeling - like I'm part of an exclusive membership.
For a daily dose of downtown wit: East Village Idiot


Tricia Hicks said...

I happened on your blog, and would like to ask you a favor? Would it be ok if I live out my dream of living in NYC vicariously through you?? I am a 47 yr old happily married mother of a 22 yr old who loves NYC. I first visited about 18 years ago and didn't make it back until 4 years ago. I came with some girlfriends and since then have visited every year. I would love to live there someday, but alas I am a "lived all my life in the same place Tennessean", and will probably only get to visit. Do me a favor though if you will....go to the Manhattan Diner at 77nd & Broadway and have a slice of strawberry cheesecake for me?? It is the best that I have ever eaten.
Best of luck to you!! Tricia Hicks

M said...

Seeing as how you are directing everyone off your site with all those links, I hope it's okay that I bring my moving to NY question directly to you.

What would you say--if you don't mind my asking--are areas that are within a reasonable commute to Manhattan but are fairly reasonably prices as well as safe. I'm a bit scared to say what I think reasonably priced means, because I don't want to seem completely out of it if I say something way off the mark.

So can you tell me what a few of the cheaper areas around are that are still withing a decent commute and relatively safe? Perhaps parts of Brooklyn? And, how much studios and 1 bdrms. may cost in those areas.

And whether instead of one bedroom I really should say "small closet" or are there some reasonably sized units, say that would fit a queen bed in the bedroom? (The last NY apt. I saw would fit a queen bed, but it would have touched the wall on both sides and fit nothing else in the room).

I know it's expensive there, but I want to get an idea of different rents, and even condo/coop prices in the low range, from a variety of people and start to get an idea of what areas, if any, might be relatively affordable and still okay to live in. There aren't any, to hear some people tell it, but I'd like to get some more feedback because everyone says something different.

I think you'd be a great source, if you don't mind taking the time. If you do, no worries, because I am going to go check out the links you listed, too.

Thank you!

(By the way, I used to live in N.C. and have a soft spot in my heart for that state for sure.)

KJS said...

I loved your comment and would be honored to stop by the Manhattan Diner on your behalf! :)

Let me see what answers I can come up with for you ..........

M said...

Thanks Bny!