Sunday, September 16, 2007

This Weekend's Round 2

Iris and I began our Saturday evening at the bar of one of New York's top restaurants with several courses, complete with wine pairing, courtesy of my celebrity chef friend. We started to draw a bit of attention at the bar when people began to get curious why the chef was coming out to explain each course to us. Maybe they thought we were food critics. By like the fourth course, a nearby guest said to me, "I guess that's one perk of knowing the chef."

By the time we got to the four dessert courses, we were so full, we started passing the desserts down the bar. Our fellow bar dwellers seemed fairly intrigued by the chef's delicious descriptions and accounts of how each tasting was created so why not share the love? It was fun to meet new people that way.

Afterward we met up with friends at Coffee Shop in Union Square, which included our federal agent buddies and one guy who is currently on a former president's security detail. They have some great stories - well, at least the ones they can tell without having to kill us afterward.

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Annalisa said...

Sounds sooooo fun.