Thursday, September 13, 2007

Colleague Convo - Via AIM

BOSS (11:20:15 AM): where are you from in NC?
ME (11:21:54 AM): Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune, Asheville, Cullowhee
BOSS (11:21:56 AM): All of the above
ME (11:22:06 AM): oh, and New Bern/Cherry Point
BOSS (11:21:02 AM): is that the coast or the moutains
ME (11:22:20 AM): LOL ... ALL
BOSS (11:21:12 AM): ah
BOSS (11:21:38 AM): my family (and I mean all my family) informed me last night that they are moving to NC - the piedmont area
ME (11:23:10 AM): why?
BOSS (11:22:10 AM): raising children, cost of living in ny etc
ME (11:23:23 AM): well, they can get a 3-bedroom home for the price of a midtown studio
ME (11:22:35 AM): with 2-car garage, front and backyard and outdoor patio (maybe with a pool)
BOSS (11:23:50 AM): a 3 bd home costs 800K down there?
ME (11:23:54 AM): LOL ... less
ME (11:24:09 AM): well, the average cost of studios according to this morning's amNY is $400k
ME (11:25:00 AM): my parents' three-story home in NC cost less than a Manhattan studio ... and they live in a nice neighborhood
ME (11:25:35 AM): it has 4-bedrooms, 3-bathrooms, living room, den, kitchen, dining room, workshop, wrap-around deck on two floors, 2-car garage, scenic mountain views (in the winter when the leaves are gone)
ME (11:26:04 AM): and my parents master bedroom closet is LITERALLY the size of my apartment
BOSS (11:25:05 AM): hmm
ME (11:26:21 AM): it's a giant dressing room - seriously - there's a couch in there
ME (11:27:08 AM): NC is not so bad
ME (11:27:10 AM): but it's not for me
BOSS (11:26:30 AM): why not?
ME (11:28:00 AM): doesn't have the vibe I love up here
ME (11:28:54 AM): you know when someone asks you why you love someone and sometimes you can't pinpoint just one thing in particular?
ME (11:28:58 AM): i just love new york
BOSS (11:28:53 AM): got it

This colleague convo was brought to you courtesy of AOL Instant Messenger, serving all of your online instant messenging needs since the late-90s ... at least.

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