Thursday, September 27, 2007

Phone Photo Op - Barack in Washington Square

I went to hear Barack Obama speak in Washington Square Park this evening. I wasn't able to see him from where we stood, but I went as much for the experience as to hear what he had to say since I've heard most of it in one soundbite or another.

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However, I was able to see this interesting guy pictured below. He's a spiritual healer of sorts and to quote a random NYU student who watched me take this camera phone photo op: "It looks crazy, right? I know. I thought he was full of shit the first time I saw him out here, but then he cured a businessman's headache and then he, like, made my leg stop hurting. It's crazy."
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I had nothing to heal at the moment so I wasn't able to try it out.

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Xinefoto said...

I missed the spiritual healer, but had a good view of Barak Obama. Sorry I missed running into you there. Hope to see you before I leave!