Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When the City Smelled of Maple Syrup

One of this morning's dailies featured quotations from various bloggers in its "Blog Beat" column regarding the pervasive smell that took over the city's streets on Monday. One blogger's comment regarding the stench made me laugh out loud - a little LOL during the morning commute ...

"Possible asphyxiation aside, this is more exciting than the time the city smelled like maple syrup." - Metadish

When I arrived at work, I read the excerpt to my coworkers.

"Oh," Julie said, "I remember that."

I looked at her and tilted my head to the right like a confused cocker spaniel: "You mean that actually happened?"

"Yea," she replied as if an entire city smelling of maple syrup wasn't entirely out of the ordinary. "I didn't actually smell it, but I remember people talking about it."

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