Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday Night

Around 5 o'clock yesterday evening, I received the following text from Eileen, a designer in the fashion industry: "Single fabulous girl reaching out to friends to see where the party is tonight..."

My response: "Disgustingly lazy girl replying that she hasn't gotten off her fat ass since Friday except to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich."

She replied: "Lol...We are going out."

To which I texted back: "Does that require me to move?"

Her response: "I'm sorry but yes! Where do you want to go?"

"But I'm in a boring funk and I fear that you'll void our friendship if you see me in this wretched state," I said.

"Grrl...I'm in a funk too...Lets get back to our fab roots!" she replied.

I ended up going out with David after Eileen bailed a few hours later: "I'm feeling lazy all of a sudden. I can't get off my couch."

My text response: "What a coincidence!" But by then, I had already committed to meeting David on the Upper West Side and splitting a cab to the East Village. A coworker of ours was have a birthday party at Beauty Bar, a bar that looks like a beauty salon.

"Will you hate me if I bail?" she texted to me. I texted back: "Forever!"

On my way to meet David, she called to chat before I went out. Somewhere during our conversation, we were talking about our transitions from North Carolina to New York City (she migrated a few years ago).

"So you're not going to be one of those people who moves up here for a few months and then leaves, are you?" she had asked.

"Nope!" I replied. "I may never leave!"

At about 10:30 p.m., David and I joined colleagues at Beauty Bar. We left around 1 a.m. and had another drink at Phoenix, a gay bar a few blocks over. It felt odd and refreshing to be surrounded by hundreds of men who had absolutely no interest in me whatsoever. After we left Phoenix, we went to Nino's for pizza and then split a cab back to the West Side.

I know they say to never say 'never,' but I don't plan to leave anytime soon. The city has me under its spell. And today is another beautiful day so I'm going to go out and see what there is to see.

What could be better than a Sunday afternoon in New York City?

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EarthCitizen #23 said...

Hello from NC!! Was blogJumping and landed here, too funny to find out you are a TarHeeler.
Just wanted to say GOOD FOR YOU!!
Hope you are enjoying your new life in the big apple.
Life in NC,,, is well similar,,,
Last night ,, funny enough,,, I was the lazy ass on the couch,,
I did get up, shower, with the intent on going out,, but alas,, my laziness, and the knowledge that it would most likely just be another night at a tired gay bar,, I stayed home..
Glad you got out,, and you inspire me to get off my arse next weekend and do something,,,, thanks.