Monday, January 08, 2007

Penmanship Approved

The highlight of my Monday might have been the new Magic Bullet Blender I bought with a 20% discount coupon at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I've spent many a late night watching the infomerical, wondering if it really works and waiting for it be sold by a reputable retailer. I don't trust items that "aren't sold in stores."

But something even better happened.

The founder and former CEO of the company for which I work likes my handwriting! She saw my notes on some Post-Its I had placed on a few of her books that needed to be autographed for clients.

This afternoon I received a phone call that she had requested that I write guests' names on place cards for an upcoming photo shoot for one of her magazines. My penmanship is supposed to be featured in the October 2007 issue!

So I will probably have forgotten by October that I had even created the place cards. Ok. No I won't. But a lot can happen between January and October. Hundreds of photos are taken at shoots, and there is a chance that the photos in which my handwriting is featured could be omitted from the final publication.

But within a year, my handwriting might be featured in a major magazine. No one will know it's mine, but the picture will be framed in my office and will be hung on my mother's refrigerator. And whether it makes the final publication of the magazine or not, she likes my handwriting!

I am such a dork.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,

as I'm sure your mom or dad have told you I read your blog everyday. It is such a joy to read and go through your new life experience with you.
From the begining I figured you would make it in the Big Apple, you went there with the right attitude.
You have done extreemly well for only being in the city for such a short time, good for you.
Congratulations to on the penmanship, I will certainly be looking for the article in the October issue.
The penny pick photos I loved! What a sight you must have all made. I enjoy all your photo ops.
The posting of you making your 2007 was an especially good read and congratulations on making that goal too.
You brighten my early mornings Katy, thanks.


Anonymous said...

So cool!

Dork or not your cousins still loves you!