Monday, January 29, 2007

The Classic Cab

A week or so ago, Joe.My.God posted commentary in his blog regarding the way advertising is seeking to further infiltrate the New York City transportation system:

New York City taxis are about to be outfitted with a GPS-based video system that will play commercials for restaurants and stores as the taxi approaches that location. Passengers will have the option of turning the screens off, but I expect that most will sit slack-jawed and vacant-eyed, watching dreary Starbucks ads and robbing themselves of the quintessential New York experience, viewing this amazing city from the windows of a cab.

Ever since my first New York City cab ride, I have loved viewing this city through the windows of a taxi. Today I took cabs between our midtown and downtown office and tried to capture the quintessential experience Joe.My.God described and that I know and love.

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