Friday, January 26, 2007

Phone Photo Ops - Subway Tunes

It was so cold today, I travelled beneath the city like a mole during my morning and evening commutes, determined to stay underground for as long as possible rather than walking from or to Times Square. As I was walking along the stairways and corridors from the 7 train to the uptown 1,2,3, I - like many others - peered over this railing with the same silent question: From where is that festive music coming?
(The blur on the right is the 7 train arriving at the TS station)
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I was one of the few who was overcome with curiosity and ventured down just to take a look at this delightful ensemble. I wonder if they'll ever know they were reviewed as "delightful" by one of this city's million bloggers.
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Anonymous said...

I really like your blog because it is simple and straight-forward and you appreciate the little things that make NY special. I used to live there 17 years ago and i feel you when you talk about cab rides, and subway moments when you touch eyes with someone and then go back. You really capture the feelings very succintly. I also like the pictures of your new furniture and the way you rationalize pspenidng on a new tv. so I am a new fan and also want to take an opportunity to invite you to my blog
i need to figure out how to upload the pictures cause it makes yours really good.