Sunday, July 06, 2008

Phone Photo Ops - Walking to Work

Phone photo ops snapped while walking to and from work in Midtown during my first month as a Hell's Kitchen resident.

Random concerts on street corners

My old apartment building in Harlem
on the side of a double decker tour bus

A giant Eddie Murphy head

Diane Sawyer

This guy turned as I was snapping this picture and asked me for money. I told him, "Sorry; only credit cards," to which he replied, "Well, take it and swipe it through [the cat's] ass and delete the photo."
I smiled at him as I hit save on my phone.

And hair that matches your shoes

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DrunkBrunch said...

I've seen that cat guy too! I'm glad I took his picture from the back. He was a few blocks from my apartment on the UWS.