Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clean Water For Haiti

Tonight I attended a fundraiser reception with a friend who supports one of many (yet relatively little known) clean-water-for-Haiti causes. Several artists performed in support of providing clean water to the citizens of this beautiful Caribbean nation, including an alleged ex-boyfriend of Britney Spears, who sang a song he actually wrote about her. It was widely entertaining. Moreover, the benefit was intensely moving and my friends and I signed up to volunteer at future functions.

A few lesser known facts about a cause that needs more attention:
- Contaminated water is the leading cause of death among Haitian infants and young children.
- 80% of deaths in Haiti are caused by waterborne diseases.
- 16% of children die before their first birthday.
- 35% of the children die before the age of 5.
- The World Health Organization states that the quality of the Haiti’s water is among the worst in the world.
- Numerous studies conducted in Haiti, have found that even newly dug wells are sometimes contaminated.

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I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Wow. Thanks for the eye-opening post.

So wait, did you get to see JT perform???

KJS said...

No, not that boyfriend. A lesser-known one. ;)