Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phone Photo Ops - MLB Red Carpet Parade

One way to further inflate the generally already over-inflated egos of most professional athletes: Lay out an enormous red carpet all the way up Fifth Avenue (as seen along my commute to work this morning).




It would have been cooler if the athletes paraded up the pavement and the fans got to stand on a red carpet as they went by. If All-Star Weekends are truly about getting "people closer to the players they love," why not truly honor the fans by giving them a red carpet moment and making them feel like they are the reason these athletes are so successful?

"We always talk about creating an 'All-Star moment' for any city, and we can create a million and a half in a moment this time," said Tim Brosnan, executive vice president of business for Major League Baseball. "It's to get people closer to the players they love. How much closer can you get than four feet away? I'd say it's kind of a combination of red carpet and Mardi Gras. [It is] fun for everyone involved."

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