Monday, July 21, 2008

Likelihoods - Celeb Rendezvous

In New York, you're more likely to have a roommate dating an A-List comedian/former SNL cast member (we met him at a club on Friday night, they went on a date Saturday and then picked me up afterward for drinks and dancing at a West Side hotel lounge) and a coworker who lives in the same building in Brooklyn as Linda Lopez.

My coworker asked me this morning about my weekend.

"It was alright," I replied. To which he said over his steaming mug of coffee, "Oh come on, tell me something interesting."

"Oh ... well, my roommate went on a date with [censored]." I said. His eyes widened and he began to laugh as I told him the details of the chance encounter, the date that followed, and we reminisced about his skits on "Saturday Night Live".

"So tell me about your weekend." I said as he continued to sip coffee next to my cubicle.

His response: "'Well, I was talking with a neighbor, who recently had a baby [he and his wife also have a young baby], and we were chatting about another pregnant woman who is new on the hall and how there will soon be lots of children in the building. So my neighbor says to me, 'You know who that is, right? It's Linda Lopez, Jennifer Lopez's sister.'"

"Wow, so J.Lo and Marc Anthony might be stopping by often for family dinners and such." I said.

"Yea," he replied between sips of coffee, "I'm pretty excited about it."

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UptownGirl said...


I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say nice job! I moved to nyc from New Orleans a year ago and can totally relate to everything you write about!


Katie said...

Finally finished my Dear Younger Self letter.... check it out if you like!

Kim & Dic said...

haha that is SO TRUE...seriously I know someone who dated some SNL kid too...I wonder if its that same person;)