Friday, August 03, 2007

One Year At A Time

This is it. One year has passed for me in New York. It's a meaningful day for me in two very contrasting ways. I go on in rememberence and with some regret, but always in anticipation and with hope of better tomorrows. The important thing is that I go on. The personal triumph is that I go on in New York City.

In Memoriam of Rickey

Remember me on quiet days
When raindrops whisper on your pane,
But in your memories have not grief
Let just the joy we knew remain.

Remember me when evening stars
Look down on you with steadfast eyes;
And when your thoughts do turn to me,
Know that I would not have you cry;
But live for me and laugh for me -
When you are happy, so am I.

Remember in a joke we shared;
Remember me when spring walks by;
Think of me when you are glad
And while you live, I shall not die.

By Sibling Lyn Bryant
TCF Bayton, Texas

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