Sunday, December 31, 2006

Things I Learned in 2006

Today is the last day of 2006. At midnight I will have met my goal: I will not be starting 2007 in North Carolina; I will be starting 2007 in what I believe is the best city in the world.

The coming of the New Year brings with it the anticipation of the future and recollection of the past. Here are some things I have learned this past year as I move forward into the new one in New York City:

+ Blind faith isn’t always foolish.
+ My parents know a lot, but they don’t know everything.
+ Your real friends are the ones who are always truly happy for you.
+ I don’t necessarily believe in fate, but I believe that things often have a way of working themselves out.
+ You can change the things you don’t like about yourself.
+ There are more things I need to change; there are some things I need to accept; there are a few things I’ll keep forever.
+ It’s ok to be wrong and you should recognize when laughing at yourself is in order.
+ It may be too late to be forgiven, but it’s never too late to say you’re sorry.
+ You can’t always worry about what others think, but sometimes you will anyway.
+ I know a lot about words, but I have even more to learn about life.
+ I can make it in New York City.

My next goal will be to keep on keeping on.

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