Friday, December 01, 2006

Spa Schmoozing

Following a frustrating morning in which I was made to look like a dumbass thanks to the incompetency of Lotus Notes, I assisted one of our sales managers with a client event this evening at a spa in Tribeca. Manicures and pedicures catered with sandwiches, salad, cookies, fresh fruit, white wine and champagne was a great way to end a bad day - and a less than good workweek overall.

I also helped "work the room" as our sales manager put it. Business schmoozing - it turns out - is not as forced and phony as I thought it would be. In fact, it was quite fun and relaxing. Though I'm sure the alcohol helped.

Afterward, I hopped in a cab and headed back up to Harlem. I slumped down into the back seat, leaned against the headrest and watched the buildings and lights whiz by outside the car window. Somewhere between Soho and the Upper West Side, I remembered that I'd rather have a rough workweek in New York City than anywhere else.

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