Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bloomingdale Blues

If you ever want to feel depressed about your financial standing in New York City - or in the world in general - I highly recommend paying a visit to Bloomingdale's on a Sunday afternoon. You can literally smell the wealth of the nouveau riche and/or the old money. In fact, much of mid- and downtown reek of wealth. While waiting at crosswalks, countless limousines, VIP cars and luxury vehicles often pass by, but it's none more in your face than in the large, expensive department stores.

If you want to feel especially bummed out, try to overhear a conversation between two women who are debating whether or not to buy a $3000 coat or another coat that looks exactly like it on the sale rack for $1800. Then listen as they opt for the $3000 coat because the one on sale just looks cheap.

I looked at my own black down-feather jacket, which I had purchased for $50 at Century 21 and let out a little sigh to myself. Later I tried to lament over my envious monetary woes with Tokii, but in blunt best friend form, she sharply interrupted me: "I am not going to entertain you right now."

Leave it to her to remind me in less than 10 words not to stop counting the blessings I do have.

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Anonymous said...


yeah, you should also see how people spend their money at the restaurant where I work at. I'm not going to lie that yes, I do appreciate the tips that they carelessly give but sometimes I feel that they can use that money for better cause.