Monday, December 11, 2006

Corporate Holiday Party

THERE were 500 votive candles, a half-dozen Christmas trees, four scantily-clad elves, two caricature artists, one giant inflatable basketball game and a killer skyline view. But what really impressed guests at the party that Fox Interactive Media, an online group, gave on Wednesday was the vintage arcade-style Ms. Pac-Man machine.

“That,” said Adam Sumner, a 23-year-old media planner, “was awesome.”

The Scotch tasting didn't hurt, either. “Pairing it with chocolate was really nice,” said Rohanie Singh, 29, who works in advertising.

“I give this party an 8.5,” said her friend Michael Jacobson, 29, an Internet consultant. “It reminds me of the dot-com era. What would make it better is if they had a Santa dancing in a thong on the bar. That would be like a 9.5.”

From "At Holiday Parties, St. Nick Starts to Morph Into Bacchus" in The New York Times (read the rest of the article here)

My company's corporate holiday party didn't have scantily-clad elves, but it was listed on

We left the office early and proceeded to a chichi downtown club that had been shutdown for our exclusive holiday gathering. As we walked down 14th Street, I wondered briefly what I'd be doing tonight if I hadn't left North Carolina four months ago.

In the club, just beyond the coat check, there was a table with name tags for all the employees. I found mine and couldn't help smiling to myself as I pinned it to my sweater. Across the top was the name of the company. Just below it read "Holiday Party." Below that was my name. And below my name, in all upper-case letters was written "ADVERTISING NEW YORK."

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