Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Primary Good-byes

I just sent the following email to my colleagues at the university (comically labeled Job #1). I want to leave a copy in my blog so that I can look back later and remember how I feel at this very moment.

Dear Everybody,

Thank you so much for lunch and for the opportunity to work with each and every single one of you. I was feeling a little emotional today because, while driving to the restaurant, I started thinking (for at least the hundredth time in the past month) about how much I am going to miss this area, this work environment and the people – especially those in this office who have accepted me and my faults as I continue to strive to mature professionally (and personally).

Believe it or not, I have taken both large and small pointers from each of you – especially in my own self-examination as a professional – and there is really nothing quite more humbling than examining your strengths and your weaknesses through your own self-reflection. I’ve also found it interesting lately that I have been using the interview process for new candidates in our office – and in probing for their attributes – to look at my own work character, ethic and style in order to recognize what I do want to take with me to New York City … and more importantly, what I don’t. This is not a testimony of my personal assessment, but those of you who know me well can probably identify the areas in which I excel and the areas in which I need much improvement.

Over the next few months (and perhaps years), I will be getting to know the person I will become in New York City. As I have found throughout my life as a military brat, we often become a product of our environment and of those with whom we choose to associate. We incorporate a lot of what surrounds us into the characteristics founded and molded by our pasts. I hope to take with me to New York the positive energy that each of you radiate and the lessons that you may not be aware you taught me.

I have been realizing more and more lately how truly beautiful this area is, but I will certainly never forget the sincere beauty of the people. Thank you for the memories.

This isn’t good-bye just yet because you will surely receive other emails over the next two weeks ranging in a wide variety of topics, from Open House and [student organization] updates to flex reminders (which I’ve been forgetting to send lately) to requests to leave empty boxes that you don’t want outside my office.

... It has been a good three years.

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