Sunday, July 09, 2006


Just after 5 a.m. Got off work (Job #2) in Cherokee at 2 a.m. and went grocery shopping at the 24-hour Super Wal-Mart in Sylva. Got home, put groceries away, washed my face, couldn't sleep. Turned on MTV and listened to music videos while I repotted a plant that had been dying in its little pot for almost two years! I had been sustaining it just enough to barely survive (the botany equivalent to being in critical condition) while always forgetting to put potting soil and a bigger pot on my grocery list ... until recently. It's an amazing, resilient little plant and I've decided that it's going with me to New York. I had to repot it again in some better soil. Then I cleaned up around the apartment a little while watching a cold case TV show about Jon Benet Ramsey's murder. Well, I wasn't really watching. It was just on. Wow - It's been ten years since that happened. Side thought regarding Job #2: If you cannot afford to tip your beverage server a quarter for your free drink, you have no business blowing your money in a casino. The moon was yellowish orange tonight. I wonder why. I'm going to sleep. Job #3 starts in less than 12 hours.

Just read back over today's blog entry. Conclusion: I need a life.

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I need a life...

Jolie formule !

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