Saturday, July 08, 2006

Internet Thoughts

Even though I have started my own blog, this whole online journal thing is somewhat intimidating to me. I guess if I strived for anonymity in these entries and did not disclose their existence to family and friends, it would not matter. I value the opportunity that I potentially have here to describe intimate aspects of my life as I live them without worrying that people I know will read all about them, but the true purpose of this blog is to record things in here that I want to remember. And I would like to share these memories, moments and random thoughts with family and friends - kind of like a big, mass email or an impersonalized Christmas letter. As a former professor of mine once said, "If you do not write down your thoughts, your thoughts will die with you."

I suppose the only disadvantage is that many of my entries may end up censored. It is certainly not that I worry what other people think. We all care to some degree what others think ... otherwise we wouldn't do a lot of the things we do. And honestly, it can be selfish to not care at all what anyone thinks. However, with regard to this blog, there is a difference between worrying what others think and not wanting everyone to know what you think.

I guess if this blog were truly just for me, I'd keep it in a diary with a lock and key ... or this day and age, in a private Word document on my laptop.


Any given madness said...

hi. i'll add you up as a link to mine, i hope its ok. I have read all your entries, its interesting because it sincere.

Anonymous said...

I once had this worry too.

There is a different between professional blog and personal blog, but sometimes an idea is an idea, an opinion is an opinion. It's just very personal.

Though Donald Trump has put it nicely: "There is no such thing as overexposure."