Monday, July 24, 2006

For Sale

Went to the Honda dealership where I purchased my Accord back in 2003 to see about selling it back to their Certified Used Honda department. Their buy-back guy wasn't in today; have to go back on Wednesday. Stopped by their service department to check a tire that I've been having to reinflate every two weeks. Been trying not to buy new tires for the past couple of months since I'm moving. Was told that the tire was a blow-out waiting to happen. Ended up getting a great deal on some Michelin high-speed/performance (or whatever tires) since my general safety over the next week is somewhat important to me.

The dealership shuttled me to the Biltmore Square Mall, where I spent two-and-a-half hours wandering aimlessly. Tried on a pair of white Reebok Classics in Champs, but decided to wait for Terrence to get them on his sister's mall discount in Atlanta. Bought some gel strapless boobs in Victoria's Secret. Great investment. Read some magazines in a bookstore. A temp agency in New York called after seeing my resume on and made an appointment for me to come into their agency next Friday. Finally gave in to hunger pangs and got an 8-piece order of nuggets and a Diet Coke from Chic Filet.

Back at the dealership, I talked with one of the service reps about attempting a private party sell instead of a buy-back. Got home and contemplating spending $65.00 on an ad in the local newspaper. It's only 11 words. Good grief. Also put a free add in another print publication, but it won't come out until next Tuesday ... the day I leave NC. Guess the car will hang out at my parents' house for awhile. I hate to do that to them. I'm sure to pay my dues in guilt trips.

If anyone wants to buy a car (my free ad on with unlimited words):
Trading a 2003 Honda Accord EX for the NYC Metro system, 4-dr, 4-cyl, AT, less than 38K miles, silver w/ blk int, well-equipped w/ brand new 6-disc CD, moonroof, alloy wheels, new tires. $16,500 ... This car is my baby, the auto-love of my life, I hate to let it go ... but NYC, here I come!

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