Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blind Faith is Not Foolish

Taken from a random myspace profile. I don't know if this was his original thought in his own words, but I've taken the advice of a stranger who doesn't even know I exist and I'm applying it to what I know does ...

"Life is a beautiful gift that is often taken for granted. Sometimes we don't look at it this way because we are too busy comparing our lives to others. Then we spend the rest of the time trying to live up to the expectations that others help set for us. I've made so many mistakes in my life, I don't have a choice but to be wise. Life's greatest challenge is to be happy with yourself and the choices you have made in your life - to treat your life like it's worth more than gold. I understand sometimes we end up getting lost in our chaotic lives and adjourn things we love. Just jump and believe you will land on your feet - and if you fall, believe that you have the strength to try harder. Some call it faith, others call it confidence. If you don't have both, at least have one."

And when I was initially impressed by a man who offered to read my palm for free while I was walking with my aunt in Queens (NY) last month, my best friend (who currently lives in the Bronx) sent me the following text message:

"Ok. Just don't let it tempt u. Not 2 b a bummer but u r not the kind of person that needs her future success & comfort validated. Aside from my personal convictions about it I just remember the types of people that buy n 2 that never prosper (i.e. [she named some people we know here]). The type of people that go 2 them are kind of weak. U may worry a bit, but blind faith is a good thing and that's a muscle of yours that can stand 2 be worked missy! (Insert finger wagging here)"

As my move date draws nearer, the frustration of apartment and job hunting continues to stress me out, and the exhaustion from my three jobs weakens my spirit (yes, I have been working three jobs to save extra money and fund my relocation), my confidence and faith have begun to waiver. I saved the text message that my best friend sent me last month while I was apartment hunting in Queens - not to remind myself to avoid horoscope hype (which I don't believe in anyway) - but to remind me that blind faith is not always foolish.

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