Monday, December 31, 2007


I can't believe it has been my first full calendar year in New York City. I knew 2007 was going to be a good year for me, full of all the clichés that I won't let myself openly admit I came to seek in New York. There weren't any celestial prophecies; I just like odd numbers.

It was a year of good, bad and ugly moments, from the 2007 countdown in Times Square with 1 million other people to last minute preparations for tonight’s New Year’s Eve 2008 party at an apartment on Bleecker Street with 30-40 friends and acquaintances (kudos to Iris for finding me a great dress at BCBG a few hours ago). And I have appreciated every moment.

Between recent holiday parties and the New York club scene (of which I have taken full advantage since the office has been closed since December 21), I haven't been as reflective on 2007 as I was nearing the end of 2006. A year ago, I had finally found an apartment and just secured a permanent position with a multimedia company; I was trying to understand how to fit into the new lifestyle I had chosen for myself, and I was slightly fearing that (paraphrasing MMINYC here) I might never have the kind of life and friends that I had left behind in North Carolina.

I guess I was still trying to find my place in this huge city. Fast forward to now, I am all dressed up and waiting to meet a few amazing friends in Harlem for the trek to the West Village, where we will join the other fabulous people that New York City has weaved into my life.

And so tonight's the night the world begins again [again]. I close the chapter of Katie & New York City 2007 with an open door into 2008.


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