Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Reason

I saw Stephen Colbert today at the corner of Hudson Street and St Marks Place.

Ok. I didn't see Stephen Colbert today, and I don't think Hudson even crosses St Marks. But it would have been cool if I did and if such an intersection existed.

Speaking of which, if you want to attend the best cardio kickboxing class in the city, find the instructor who teaches classes at several Equinox locations in Manhattan. You'll know it's him because his voice sounds like DMX. I keep expecting him to bark after each set of roundhouse kicks.

After leaving the gym, I was walking along West 43rd Street to catch the train in Times Square, and I overheard about three seconds of a conversation. One man said to another, "There's something about New York that is ..."

I didn't hear the end of the sentence because I continued walking and was quickly out of range, but between Sixth Avenue and Broadway, I thought of ways to end that sentence. The one I thought of that I liked the most was, "There's something about New York that is home."

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