Monday, February 26, 2007

Always Something to Miss

In New York City, there is always something to do, and that means that there is also always something to miss. There is so much going on, much of which excludes the general public, and sometimes I find myself wondering where the New York on E! TV is. Or even "Friends" or "Seinfeld."

Last week I missed a chance to see the actual Oscar statuettes up close and personal in Times Square before they were presented at The 79th Academy Awards. Not that it was really in my top 100 - or even my top 43 things - that I want to do (in fact, I don't actually have a list of 43). But I bought Tokii a plastic Oscar replica a few years ago for her birthday (to help prepare her for accepting the real thing), and it would have been interesting to see an actual Oscar.

Joe.My.God - who misses much less than I do and through whom I often live vicariously (minus the gay man thing) - took an opportunity to swing by Times Square and check Oscar out:; however, anyone with an Internet connection can meet Oscar here.

And over the weekend I missed the 2007 annual pillow fight in Union Square, but of course Joe.My.God happened across it after his Saturday brunch:

I think I will plan to participate in the annual pillow fight next year. Maybe I'll make a list of 43 things for 2007. It's only February. I have plenty of time to do 43 things before the end of the year.

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