Friday, January 23, 2009

There Will Be Scaffolding

Scaffolding builds its way into your life in New York City. Some days you love the shelter it provides from the rain and snow. Other days you despise its distraction from the beauty of many New York streets. And sometimes it reminds you just how beautiful those streets are when you make a right onto Eighth Avenue and wonder what's different.

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ChipChop said...

Hi! I am a new reader to your blog and I can't stop reading! I am from NC as well and went to college in WNC. I am moving to NYC on March 6 and like you, I do not have a job lined up yet. I am super excited about my move yet terrified at the same time. It is good to read the experiences someone in a position similar to myself has had and how they have made it (I think.. I am starting in the beginning and working my way up so I do not know what has happened since 11/17/06). I have also started my own, "becoming a new yorker" type blog.