Monday, January 19, 2009

Impromptu In Review

My best friend had called me in New York at 10am to see if I could join her for a few entertainment industry events in Washington D.C. surrounding the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. She joked that as an H-List celebrity, she does not often receive much advanced notice for events, and since her husband could not attend at the last minute, she hoped I would join her for the three-day MLK Weekend and pre-inauguration festivities. I was on a plane out of JFK by 3:30 in the afternoon.

The focus and highlight of the weekend was watching my best friend find her place amidst Hollywood minglers. After ten years of watching her perform at WCU, The Juilliard School and in the small but gratifying array of professional stage, TV and film credits to her name, it was incredibly surreal and exciting to join her in this weekend's perks of her budding success and act like I attend stuff like this all the time without also appearing trite and contrived.

If my best friend ever becomes an A-List celebrity, events like these may likely become commonplace routines in her life, which will ultimately lack the electrifying amateur excitement of rookie Hollywood minglers. I can only hope that her talent and love for acting breeds a career that makes her a famous A-Lister - not because of socialite association or shock-valued scandal - but because the skill in her craft touches the spirit, moves the soul and inspires the creativity of art imitating life. Until then, her "H-List" status will ensure that industry events, to which she may be invited - even if her RSVP is not A-List priority - will continue to make us giggle like school girls at the end of the night.

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Dina said...

My family (starting from my dad who is no longer here :( has worked in the movie biz & still always amazes me how star struck I can get ( meeting Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, etc ..) but I do know that feeling of "PRETENDING" that your knees arn't shaking, staring just too you said acting as though you do this ALL THE TIME. Although I was around it all my STILL feel the same. I'm sooo happy for your friends success, I know how hard it is, and she REALLY STUDIED her craft and will LAST A LOOOOONG TIME!! Hope you enjoy more of her as you see the roles she plays..